Oblivion Online Conduct Breaches & Outcomes

We’ve created our Oblivion Online Rules of Conduct to make sure that Oblivion is a safe, fun game environment for all players. The Rules of Conduct contain restrictions on obscene language and bad in-game behavior, and on inappropriate names that may be crude, or socially unacceptable. They contain protections for you, so your privacy is maintained, and for us, as developers and publishers of Oblivion, so that the integrity of the game is preserved.

The Rules cover such basic expectations as:

• Don’t spam or break any laws.
• Don’t use a name or legion acronym that would that our staff deems as inappropriate.
• Don’t harass other players.
• Don’t link to pornography or advertise in the game.
• Buy and sell items or services only through legitimate means authorized by Oblivion Online.
• Report hacks and exploits and do not use them yourself.

We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Oblivion Conduct Breaches and Outcomes at any time. All determinations under or related to this document will be made by us in our sole and absolute discretion.

So, what happens when someone breaks the Rules of Conduct?

In the interests of keeping things pleasant for most players, we’ve set up a system to deal with lapses in behavior. We think you’ll find the system is fair, balanced, and reasonable.

The system involves three types of administrative action: temporary chatting restrictions, temporary account suspensions and permanent account terminations. Those who fail to observe the Rules of Conduct usually will have an administrative “mark” placed on their Oblivion account that results in a temporary chat restrictions or account suspension. However, in the case of an extreme breach-such as using a game exploit, attempting to hack the servers, or acquiring many marks and moving into a “frequent violation” status-the account will be permanently closed.

When an account is suspended, the player is unable to access his account for a specific period of time. Under normal circumstances, a player can clear marks from his/her account and eliminate the risk of lengthy suspension simply by obeying the Rules of Conduct. On the other hand, if a player accrues another mark on his account within a relatively short period of time, the subsequent suspension will be longer. A record is retained of each player’s complete account history, and accounts that are frequently involved in violations of the Rules of Conduct and/or the Oblivion User Agreement (the “User Agreement”) are subject to termination.

Disciplinary Process

Basic Details

• All infraction reports from players are investigated, either through staff member observations or a review of game logs. Those who report a possible rules infraction by another player may be given general information on the outcome of their report, but certain details may remain confidential.
• We will review the alleged offense and take action only after careful consideration and a review of all available facts.
• We may issue warnings for misconduct.
• Each mark results in a temporary account suspension.
• An account suspension or termination applies to the full account and not to an individual character within the account.
• Persistent offenses or severe abuse of the Rules of Conduct or the User Agreement will result in permanent account terminations.

Infraction Types

Naming Infractions

All names must comply with our Oblivion Naming Policy.

• If a character name reported to us or noted by a staff member is confirmed to be in violation of the Naming Policy, the account will receive a mark. The account will be temporarily suspended and the character with the offensive name will be flagged for renaming. For the first offense, you will be required to rename your character after your temporary suspension has been lifted. For the second offense, your account will be marked, and we will permanently terminate your account.
• If an unacceptable guild name or guild acronym (“tag”) is noted or reported, a mark will be placed on the guild creator’s account. There is no option for renaming a guild at this time so the guild will be terminated.

In-game Infractions

The following will result in temporary chat restrictions, a temporary account suspension or permanent account termination, depending upon the severity of the matter:

• Inappropriate in-game behavior, such as obscene, or racist talk or behavior; abuse of another player; harassment; etc.
• Selling or buying an Oblivion account, in-game item, service or gold for real-world currency in a manner not authorized by Oblvion Online; selling an Oblivion account for in-game currency; aiding others in such transactions, or advertising the intent to commit such acts
• Selling or buying Oblivion account related services of any kind for real-world currency in a manner not authorized by Oblivion Online
• Repeating in-game chat to an excessive degree (“spamming”)
• In-game linking to inappropriate sites, including those offering bots, macros, or other inappropriate third-party programs, or those related to selling or buying accounts, items, services or in-game gold in a manner not authorized by Oblivion Online
• Taking advantage of another player in-game (“scamming”) in order to take his/her items or account
• Accessing another player’s account in order to take or delete characters or items
• Abusing game exploits
• Advertising cheats, hacks, or exploits
• Using, developing, releasing, or promoting a “bot,” cheat, or exploit program
• Engaging in PvP match manipulation, disrupting PvP by not actively playing in good faith, or any other form of PvP griefing, exploitation, or abuse


Depending on the type of infraction, we may or may not accept an appeal of the disciplinary action taken on an account.

In-Game Behavior Issues

We do not accept appeals for administrative action taken in connection with in-game behavior. It is particularly not in our best interest to engage in debate about suspensions with those who frequently are in breach of the Rules of Conduct.

Name Issues

• Players who err only occasionally will find that the system is designed to handle infractions in a fair and reasonable manner. The first account mark results in a relatively brief suspension, and only persistent bad behavior results in a lengthy suspension or an account termination.
• Players who accrue several account marks will note that each mark results in a lengthier account suspension. This escalating system serves as a warning to the player that his/her behavior may be putting the account at risk of termination.
• In instances where the player feels that a character or guild name has been improperly blocked, the player may submit an appeal. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of character or legion name blocks will be reversed; history shows that most reviews uphold the original decision to block a name.
• Staff members will not enter into a dialogue about such blocks or account marks but will inform the player if the block has been upheld or removed after a review by senior staff.

Permanent Account Terminations

We exercise careful judgment in every case in which an account is terminated. We will review breaches of the Rules of Conduct and the User Agreement with close attention to the most flagrant and persistent patterns of rules abuse. In such instances, particularly when we perceive a risk of substantial real or potential harm to the Oblivion community or to the game’s stability, an account can and will be permanently terminated.