Alliances are groups of up to 4 guilds banded together under one “alliance leader” guild. An alliance costs no additional gold on top of the normal guild tax to maintain.
Alliances have a special chat that everyone in the alliance can use and talk to each other; It is similar to guild chat, however it’s for the whole alliance.

Creating an Alliance

Creating an alliance is free and relatively simple. Unlike creating a guild, you don’t need to talk to any NPCs or pay any fees. You must simply hit G, click “Alliances” on the right, click on an empty slot and write the guild name. The entered guild’s leader must be online to accept the invitation. When he does, a notice will appear that the alliance has been created, and you are done.

Castle Siege

Alliances may attend Castle Siege as a group, either to defend or attack. The leader of the winning alliance of the castle siege becomes the Lord Marshal, granting his alliance all of the buffs and privledges of that title. Many alliances are created entirely for this purpose.