Altar War


Altar of Oblivion

Every nation possesses a mysterious stone altar protected by stoic guards in the region of Verband, but these sacred stone structures may seem reluctant to disclose their secrets. There are also locations in Verband where four guards stand in a diamond surrounding an empty patch of land. What is the purpose of all of this protection, and what treasure might lie in store within the Altars of Oblivion?

Treasure of Oblivion

The Altar of Oblivion is a horde of treasure and precious ores, maintained and contributed to by each nation’s citizens and government. As each Altar contains approximately 10% of the national treasury given as tithes as well as rare items needed to upgrade relics, they are easy targets for armies seeking riches and glory for their nations. When relics are upgraded they give a larger boost to the possessor nation’s citizens, and so nations who can protect and utilize the resources stored in their Altars can acquire great advantages in strength.

There are many obstacles to unlocking and raiding an Altar, but the hero or party who succeeds in stealing from an Altar will earn a significant percentage of the stored gold and a large XP boost. Furthermore, the nation (or nations) of the attackers’ citizenship will receive all of the money and the items stored in the Altar—an incredible sum of wealth.

Glory of Oblivion

Raiding an Altar is an achievement which depends as much on timing as it does on military strategy and brute force. Altars are protected by four Guardian Stones, three of which only appear for two hours each day, and all of which have to be defeated for the Altar to be accessible. The three stones are located in Verband and surround the Altar of Oblivion, while they themselves are protected by strong guards. These stones must be destroyed in order to trigger the fourth stone, which appears in front of the Altar amidst more guards and defensive turrets. When the fourth stone crumbles, the Altar is defenseless and can be stolen from by anyone regardless of nationality.

Wrath of Oblivion

When an Altar is robbed, the wrath of Oblivion falls upon the nation which did not succeed in defending the shrine entrusted to its care. As a result, attacks from monsters in the nation will increase and items dropped by monsters will decrease for a short period of time. The nation will also have lost a very large amount of gold and valuable items as well as national pride, which should be enough to encourage citizens to come to their Altars’ defense.