Archons are leaders of the guilds who are members of the Lord Marshal’s alliance, excluding the Lord Marshal himself. Archons are gifted with lessened versions of the advantages offered to the Lord Marshal, including his personal buff. Like the Lord Marshal’s guildmates, guildmembers serving under an Archon get a lessened version of his buff at all times while in the guild.

Differences Between Archons and LMs

While the LM has a certain number of unique responsibilities, such as setting tax rates and controlling castle siege settings, the Archons enjoy relatively little responsibility. They do not have any say in the taxes (save the LM listening to their opinions) nor are they able to set castle siege gates or choose national alliance.

Archons do not normally have the ability to use the LM’s private chat (red text), though one archon at a time can be specifically granted the power. The LM continues to have LM chat privledges, allowing a nation to have two people at any given time with the LM chat ability.

Archons also recieve a significantly lowered effect of the LM’s buff, and cannot PK their own nation without penalty (though non-leader members of the LM’s guild still can.)

Archon Buff

The Archon buff, known as Marshal’s Archon, increases HP and MP by 40%, damage to enemy players by 25%, and also reduces damage received by 25%. The Archon’s guild mates receive a buff called Archon’s Knight with +12% HP and MP, +10% more damage to enemy nations, and 10% less damage received.