Location of Battlegrounds NPC

The Battlegrounds system is a great way to participate in player-vs-player combat on a smaller scale than one might find in Castle Siege or Relic War. Whether scrimmaging with guildmates, relaxing with friends from other nations, or joining a pickup game on the fly, Battlegrounds scenarios provide a venue for PvP training as well as a source of special items and honor points. Fighting in Battlegrounds can offer greater direct benefit to participants than fighting in the other PvP modes, since the rewards given after each match are based on players’ individual contributions in battle and not distributed to an entire guild or nation.

Hero’s Square

Battlegrounds is one of the three major PvP modes in Oblivion. Speak with Friedrich Kroeger in Regenshein in a nation’s War (PvP) Channel to be transported to Hero’s Square, a nation-neutral waiting area where Aitan choose sides in arena-style competition. Hero’s Square is an international safe area where fighters of different nations may gather and organize themselves before jumping into combat. Here, you can speak with Morenis, one of the Theletar, who grants you access to a Lobby system of organizing matches. Using the Lobby window, you can enter an existing “room” or create one of your own.

Together with Oblivion’s larger-scale types of warfare, Battlegrounds extends the spectrum of Lakian PvP capabilities to offer fun experiences to all kinds of players, no matter what their PvP preferences.

Waiting Room and Room Creation

The waiting room

The creator of a Battlefield instance caters the upcoming conflict to his liking, choosing the size of teams as well as the game mode. The scope of these battles ranges from 6 vs. 6 to 24 vs. 24, making Battlegrounds the smallest-scale PvP mode in Oblivion. Battlegrounds modes available in the first CB is limited to Deathmatch, but more modes will be included later on.

The window displays a wealth of information about matches, including name, status (In Progress or On Standby), game mode, and number of participants on each team. At this point, a player may join any existing match which is On Standby and accepting players. The creator of the match has control over the competitors who may play in the match.

Room creation menu

Alternatively, the player may opt to create a new match. In this case, the creator can adjust the name, party size, time limit, and target score of the match in a Battlefield Settings window. After clicking “Confirm,” the match will then be available for others in Hero’s Square to view and join.

The Waiting Room lists the roster for each side, indicates whether players have confirmed their slots, and also shows the level and class of character for each player.

Currently, the only available option for game mode is Team Deathmatch, which is a scenario involving two teams of the same size (team size can range from 6 to 24) fighting to earn a given number of points via killing players on the opposite team in the time allotted. Matches end either when the time limit has been reached or one side has attained the target score.

Agros Haima

Agros Haima layout

Matches take place on the map Agros Haima (“land of blood”) where the spawn points for teams are located on the upper left hand corner and the lower right hand corner. Teamwork and geographically-oriented strategy are essential for success.

Benefits of Battlegrounds

At the end of a match, players receive gold, special battlefield medals, and honor points according to individual prowess. These items and points may be traded for EXP, powerful equipment, and more, making Battlegrounds a valuable resource for the ambitious combatant. To return home, players must speak to the soldier NPC to the left of the Theletar and they will be transported to the Regenshein of their nation.