Beginners Guide


Beginners’ Guide

Oblivion Beginners’ Guide will take you through the first steps you must take to play Oblivion and will point you toward more in depth information when you need it.

Section 1: Login and Character Creation

Once you’ve created an O-Coins account and downloaded the game you can log in.


  1. ) Type your Username and Password in the corresponding boxes.
  2. ) Select your server (Arcan). Characters created on this server will only be accessible on this server.
  3. ) Select your Nation and Channel. Pick any nation for your first character, you won’t be choosing a National allegiance until at least level 10.

PvP channel has a lot of advantages over PvE but exposes you to attack from other players. You can change channels by returning to the log in screen until you become a citizen, then you can just hit Esc and change channels in the dialog box that appears!

Character Creation

  1. ) Select the Character Creation button in the bottom left hand corner
  2. ) Click on your preferred class.
  3. ) Enter your desired name and customize your character’s looks

Section 2: Interface and Controls


  1. HP(red),MP(blue), Character Level and name.
  2. Part info
  3. Chat
  4. Menu
  5. Hot keys
  6. System Messages (Item used, attack used etc)
  7. Quests
  8. Status Buffs / Debuffs
  9. Mini-Map


w-move forward

s-turn around

a-turn camera to the left & turn left

d-turn camera to the right & turn right

q-Turn left

e-turn right

1~8– Hot keys

9~”-“ – Pran Hot keys

cntrl 1~8 – Hot Keys





c-character/equip window

L-quest log


Section 3: Quests

Understanding your quest log

Quest logs are color coded for ease of use.

Monster Item NPC Area

Quest NPC’s

  • A Green Exclamation means that the NPC has a quest available.
  • A Yellow Question Mark means Quest in Progress
  • A Blue Mobius Strip means Quest Finished

Section 4: Skills

While you level up you gain skill points, which you can use to improve your skills. This has to be done in town by your skill master. This will cost you a certain amount of money. It is also possible to resspec your skills for a price at the same skill master. The price for this is 500 gold times your current level. This means that a level 10 you will have to pay 5k gold to resspec himself and a level 50 will have to pay 25k gold.

This is a great skill calculator which helps a lot with preparing a build for your character.

You can also see an overview of the first 3 tiers of each character classes skills by selecting a character class from the Main Page of this article.

Section 5: The Nations

The Nations are the backbone of Oblivion’s PvP system. In Battlegrounds, players can choose sides in bloody skirmishes based on the nationalities of the teams. In Castle Siege, guilds contend with each other for control of their home Nation. In Relic War, entire Nations fight each other for ultimate global supremacy. We’re pleased to bring you these five distinct realms, each with its own personality, PvP styles, special events, and more. Click a Nation’s name to learn all about each proud and particular place, then try to imagine which one you would want to call home.


Traits: Honorable, Lawful, Noble


Traits: Friendly, Good-natured, Harmonious


Traits: Explorative, Knowledgeable, Tenacious


Traits: Cunning, Militaristic, Ruthless


Traits: Chaotic, Predatory, Treacherous

Section 6: Pran

The pran is a familiar that follows you. She is also been referred to as daughter or annoying talking thing. At lvl 7 you will receive a quest which will get you a small fairy creature that follows you around. During the quest you will have to choose what kind of pran you would like to have. There are 3 kinds and you can only have 2 total per account so choose wisely. The 3 kinds are:

  • Water = defensive
  • Air = mp use reduction and increased HP/MP recoveryrate
  • Fire = offensive

The pran can help you with her passive and her actives. But it depends if she likes you or not if she decides to cast her actives on you or not. To make her like you, you have to feed her and be nice to her. Also she will ask to talk to you and depending on what you say to her and what you feed her she will develop different personalities. Your pran goes through several stages:

  • Fairy – lvl 1-5
  • Adolescent – lvl 5-20
  • Teen – lvl 20-50?
  • Adult – lvl 50?

At the end of every stage you will have to do a quest (which basically means gathering stuff) for the pran master.

Read more about Pran.

Section 7: PVP

There are four different ways for PvP and then I am not talking pk’ing your own nation members. The four different kinds of PvP are:


Battlegrounds you can just go to and choose a game to join and pick a side. During this game which lasts 30 minutes or 50 kills (depending on the settings) you are doing a team deathmatch in which nations and guilds are not important. Of course you can set it up with guilds vs guilds or nation vs nation if you want. You can read more about Battlegrounds here.

Castle Siege

This is a weekly event which the 5 most powerful alliances will fight for the leadership of the nation. The winner will be Lord Marshall for the week and will be ruling the nation and is in charge of the defences and relic upgrades. During this siege there are 4 attacking alliances which can contain up to 4 guilds and 1 defending alliance (the current ruling Lord Marshals Alliance) You can read more about Castle Siege here.

Relic War

Relic War is the main PvP action you will find in Oblivion. To start I will explain what relics are. During instance runs the end boss has a small chance to drop a relic. Relics give buffs to the nation that has them in their temples. These buffs can be really adding up. It shows like this:

An example of the relics that can be acclaimed are:

  • 10% exp increase
  • 10% skill cooldown
  • 10% physical attack increase
  • 3% drop increase

You can understand that it is very useful to have these buffs, but that is also what enemy nations think so they try to steal these relics from you. It is currently possible to have 9 buffs total, but when the full game is open then it will theoretically be possible to have a total of 20 relics. You can read more about Relic War here.


Temples are where your Nation’s relics are stored. Currently there are 4 temples reachable. Each is defended by Temple guards and Temple stones which have to be defeated to be able to get to the relics. Each raid can only steal 1 relic at a time. But to get to the temples you will have to pass several obstacles from normal mobs to temple guards. To be able to do this successfully you will need a big group of people or else you will find out that it is more difficult then you would think. Also as soon as you attack a temple guard and /or a temple stone, the nation you are trying to steal from will get a message that their temple is under attack. This will rally (normally) a huge defense force, because the relics are what makes it worthwhile. The idea is that you will drop everything you are doing to help defend and this is what most players will do.

The Rift

The rift is the place where you can teleport to the other nations. The rift can be found in the middle of the world at the Rhawn Crossroads. You can find the rift by going north from Regenshein, through Verband. When you reach Amarkand you will have to go straight left and keep walking to the southwestern corner of the map. Here is the entrance to Rhawn Crossroads and here can the rift be found.

Altar War

The Altar is the heavily defended treasure chest of the nation. Enemy nations can try to steal the treasury of the enemy to help upgrade their own defences. This can only be done during 2 hours a day and is a really enormous task. You can read about altar war here.

Section 8: Crafting

In Oblivion it is possible to craft. You can make your own equipment, materials, potions. You can upgrade the equipment from +1 to +11.
It is possible to make superior items with superior stats compared to normal gear. It is also possible to delevel the level requirement on your gear so that you can use them at a lower level.

Gear with no extra stats can be given extra stats at the enchantress in Regenshein. You can use either the different kind of crystals you get via quests or use auralars. There are 3 grades of auralar from raw to regular to pure auralar. Enchanting with auralar gives random stats to your equipment and they can give up to 3 different stats depending on the success rate of your enchantment. Pure aurular gives the best stats.

Upgrading and delevelling can go wrong and can result in broken equipment or even an increase in level requirements.

Follow these links to read more about: Crafting, Delevelling, Transferring, Enchanting, and Reinforcing.

Section 9: Chat


The various channels available for chat are intended to filter the messages you receive so that you can keep better track of the things that are important to you. If you click on a channel it will turn gray and messages from that channel will stop appearing in the messages you receive. You can control your interaction with specific players by right clicking their name in the chat dialog box, a new menu will appear with more options.


To be able to talk in game you will need to use several prefixes to be able to talk in the different channels.

  • Use the Enter key to start and to send chat messages
  • Shout = # (Players can not shout until they are level 10)
  • Guild = @ (You must be in a Guild for this option to work)
  • Party = ! (You must be in a Party for this option to work)

Once you’ve used a prefix it will stay until you change it.

Section 10: Mounts

F2P players can earn a mount at level 40. Each class has a different mount but all move with the same speed.
There are 3 ways of getting a mount:

  1. By paying 2 million gold or;
  2. Completing a quest chain. An overview of the quests you need to do can be found here
  3. Players who use the Premium Item Shop can purchase a mount that is rideable at level 10. These mounts also require a saddle and license, also available (only) in the Premium Item Shop. Make sure you choose the correct mount for your character class and beware that all the Premium Mount items have expiration dates.

Mounts are a fast means of travel and can be enchanted with the same crystals used in other enchanting. During your travels with your mount it is possible to get dismounted by mobs that hit you. You will get a movement speed debuff and will be unable to summon your mount for the duration of that debuff. It is incredibly difficult to obtain the items to clear enchantments from a mount so be very careful about which enchantments you choose to use.

Section 11: Premium Shop

Access the premium item shop in game by hitting the ‘J’ key.

The premium item shop basically is a shop in which you can buy items for O-Coins, which are purchased with real money. A premium item shop is always available in Free2Play games and is needed to support the operational costs of the games’ publishers. It is totally optional, and completely possible to play this game for free.

In order to buy any item in the premium item shop you first have to buy O-Coins. This can be done by logging in to your Oblivion account at site and going to the ‘Buy O-Coins’ page.
Items that can be bought include: extra storage for you and your Pran, upgrade extracts (for Reinforcing), timed unlimited ammunition, transportation items including Mounts, equipment and character reset items, Pran food and clothing, portable repair, and more!

Read more about the Premium Item Shop and check out the Spotlight to see what’s available.