A build is the way you distribute all your stat and skill points in order to acquire specific skills and abilities at the character’s current level. There are different kind of builds: Solo Builds, designed to make playing on your own more effective, and Team Builds, in which a team of players has every single build made in order to get a better overall effect or balance. As an example, in a team with two clerics, one of them can have Bless skill maxed, so the other cleric can avoid spending skill points there and make other skills higher instead, this way the whole team will get more benefits from both clerics. Builds are generally categorized as PvE builds or PvP builds.


Wiki builds are not a definitive word on how you have to make your character, they are just starting points where you can start your own experience on how skills are used and how these will interact with each other. When you are more experienced, personalizing your builds will improve your gameplay experience.