Castle Siege


Castle Siege Info

Castle Siege is a regularly scheduled PvP event (Saturdays at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST/9 PM GMT) where each nation’s ruling regime (including the Lord Marshal and his/her guild or guild alliance) defends the Lakian Fortress against other guilds or guild alliances hoping to take control of the nation. If attackers manage to break through the castle’s defenses and seize the Marshal’s flag, they become the new rulers and the guildmaster of the foremost attacking guild becomes the new Lord Marshal. The ruling regime of a nation has extensive control over political, military, and economic policy for that nation, and can influence the behavior of other nations’ governments through national alliances, war, etc.

Castle Siege Entry

For guilds and their alliances to be able to enter in this glorious battle to run their nation. The leading guild of the alliance must be at the Guild Level of 2 and must have a total sum of 100,000 gold in their guild warehouse. The Guild Leader of the leading guild must talk to the Castle Siege NPC to be able to enter the Castle Siege.

When the time has come for the Castle Siege to Start, all guilds which have participated can wait by the Castle Siege NPC until they can enter the Castle Siege. There is a 15 minute preparation period for the defending alliance when Castle Siege starts so that the Lord Marshall can complete any final preparations for the Castle Siege.

Any players who are not signed up for Castle Siege have the ability to enter as individuals and are prompted to choose to either assist the defending alliance or help the attackers topple the castle.

Castle Siege NPC Robert Delfino

The Lakian Fortress

The Lakian Fortress is the Lord Marshalls base of Power. There are two walls which build up the Lakian Fortress and there are nine gates in which the Invading Guild must Destroy in order to gain the treasure of the Lakian Fortress. The Lord Marshals Flag.

Castle Siege Battle

The Castle Siege Battle is very different to that of raiding a temple; much more enhanced and much more difficult.

The Invading Guilds must break through the Gates which are placed on the first wall of the Lakian Fortress, once they have been Broken into, the Invading Guilds must conquer the Guard Towers which reside inside the First wall of the Lakian Fortress. These Towers are guarded by Guard Stones which Invading Guilds must defeat. Once these stones are defeated, the Guard Tower acts as a Respawn Point for the guild which has conquered the Tower.

The Second Wall of the Lakian Fortress holds the five Elemental Stones and the Lord Marshall’s flag. There are five gates placed on the Second Wall, the Invading Guilds must destroy these gates but be warned…there are Illusion Gates which will not break no matter how many times they are destroyed.

Once inside the second wall, the invading guild must conquer the five elemental stones. They must first damage the stones before they can be conquered. Once all Stones have been conquered, the leader of the Invading Guild who is also leader of their Alliance can start the Lord Marshal’s Ceremony. The ceremony takes two minutes before it can finish. The Invading Guild must protect the holder of the Elemental Stones and the would-be Lord Marshal or the Ceremony is cancelled.

Once the Ceremony has finished, the new Lord Marshall will be announced.