Crafting System

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The crafting and equipment enhancement systems in Oblivion are extremely useful and accessible ways to customize both armor and weaponry. Once a player has acquired certain items in-game as well as enough gold to fund the process, he or she may craft new equipment or enhance existing equipment – with powerful results. This page deals mostly with Crafting, click enhancement to find out more about improving your equipment.


Armor and Weaponry

Visit the anvils in either of Lakia’s major metropolitan areas (Regenshein and Cirrugor) to transform ordinary materials into the finest weaponry and armor. Drop down menus provide helpful information regarding all of the different kinds of goods the player can create: the components needed, the price of crafting, the required level for crafting that particular item, and a full description of the finished product. The crafting process does not reward players with more extensive anvil experience – whether first-time crafter or old hand, any player can successfully forge a valuable piece of equipment. Many players prefer to craft their own weapons and armor over buying them outright, as it’s much less expensive to start from scratch. In addition, crafted equipment may sometimes possess a statistical advantage over the store-bought kind, such as greater durability. With over 200 craftable weapons and armor components available, from swords and firearms to robes and gauntlets, the anvil provides an exciting gateway into the many possibilities of equipment customization.


Material Creation menu

While it might be fairly simple to find raw materials such as linen fiber, wood, and copper in the course of one’s adventures, it often takes more refined materials to fashion higher quality goods. For a nominal fee and given the right materials at hand, it’s a simple feat to create these intermediate components at the anvil.

For example, crafting certain kinds of equipment often requires reinforced serimight, a form of serimight which has been processed with coal. To create reinforced serimight, one must gather three serimight nuggets along with one piece of coal and combine them at the anvil. Once enough reinforced serimight is acquired in this way, it can be used together with other intermediate materials to forge a high level weapon or piece of armor. As many of these non-basic components are either difficult or impossible to acquire in-game by other means, a player would certainly find it advantageous to become familiar with this feature of the anvil.


Consumable Creation menu

It’s possible to create certain mana and health potions at the anvil by combining weaker potions and other materials. Since the cost in gold of crafting potions is small, this is an ideal solution for players with more basic potions on their hands than they know what to do with. The more powerful potions that can be crafted at the anvil will certainly be beneficial for advanced players who need to restore their health and mana efficiently out in the field – these potions also cannot be found in stores.


Disassembly menu

The anvil also serves another key purpose in the crafting cycle: equipment disassembly. Instead of discarding an old weapon or piece of armor, it’s much more useful to bring it to the anvil and disassemble it, perhaps salvaging useful materials in the process. While all equippable items will return basic components when they are dismantled in this way, the quantity and quality of reclaimed materials will vary based on the rank of the original item. Players can experiment by processing different types and ranks of equipment to find out what sorts of materials they will receive. Best of all, disassembly is free!