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Equipment is essential to every character, and includes weapons, armor, accessories, mounts, prans, and ammo. To equip an item, double click it in your inventory or drag and drop it into the appropriate slot. Equipped items can be viewed in the character info window, which is easily accessible by pressing the default hotkey C.

Equipment Types

Weapons are the main way to increase magic and physical attack, and provide a variety of other possible stats when enchanted.

Armor is equipped in four to five slots depending on class, including helmet, costume, gloves, shoes, and shield. The amount of physical and magic defense they provide varies, and similar to weapons they can be enchanted with a a variety of other stats.

Accessories include bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. They are used mainly for the wide variety of bonus stats they can provide, but can also be worn without enchants.

Mounts differ based on class and can be obtained at level forty. Mounts increase speed significantly, and can also be enchanted with bonus stats and effects.

Ammo is equipped next to weapons and is essential for dual gunners and riflemen, who require it for normal attacks and many skills. There are several ranks of ammo, each of which provides a different damage bonus. The maximum stack size is one thousand, but generally a RM or DG would need to carry multiple stacks.

Pran summoning stones must be equipped to activate your Pran, and can be placed in the slot underneath accessories. While equipped, your Pran will gain experience from mobs, add bonus stats, and provide additional skills. They also carry inventory slots and have equipment of their own, used mainly for appearance. See Pran Essentials.

Item Rarity

Normal Equipment

Normal equipment have white names, with no special bonus properties and the lowest base stats. White named equipment marked as ‘unidentified’ have special enchants, which can be revealed with an Identification Scroll. Normal equipment can be safely reinforced to +3, but further reinforcement runs the risk of breaking the item.

Normal equipment that is enchanted can be identified by their green names. They have the same base stats but provide additional bonuses and magical properties. Stats added by enchants are colored in light green.

Superior Equipment

Superior equipment have higher stats and can be safely reinforced to +3. They are rarely dropped by mobs, but can be produced randomly through crafting. Superior equipment that is not enchanted have blue names, while enchanted ones have purple names. Like normal equipment, enchants on an unidentified item can be revealed with an Identification Scroll.

Unique Equipment

Unique equipment have red names and are usually far better quality than superiors. They are extremely rare, and have a different rankings and level requirements. They usually come with a set of blue-named stats already on the item, but can be enchanted with additional properties.

Example of unique equipment.

Honor Equipment

Special items and equipment can be purchased using honor, points gained from battlegrounds and PvP kills against an enemy nation. Honor equipment usually has higher stats than superior ones, but is lower than unique equipment of the same level. They cannot be traded and can be difficult to obtain, requiring thousands of PvP kills each. Honor equipment often come in sets and provide PvP specific bonuses.

Equipment Sets

Equipment sets have a wide variety of possibilities and can made of unique, superior, or honor items. Wearing multiple pieces from the same set will activate bonuses, which can include boosts to hp, mp, defense, etc. Set stat bonuses are in grey until you have enough items of the set to activate them.


Reinforced +4 armor with Bonus Stats in red

The item may also be listed as +1 to +11, which means the item has been reinforced, reinforcement adds to the magical and physical attack/defense of weapons and armors with each additional level of reinforcement. The first white/orange square icon of the sword determines if an item can be reinforced or not, if the icon is white it can be reinforced, if it is orange it cannot. Beware reinforcement past +3 signficantly increases the chances of destroying the item.

Bonus stats: After reinforcing armor to +4 or more, you can potentially gain bonus stats which are in red and add HP/MP bonuses and damage reduction. Unique Set Gloves, Reinforced with bonus stats below:

Level Requirements, Level-down, and Rank:

The levels of items is mostly only signficant on equipment, in which case there are different tier levels of items, the rank is used in reinforcement of the items, the level and rank tiers are shown below:

Normal and Superior Items Level and Rank Tiers:

Level 1, Rank F – Level 8, Rank F – Level 16, Rank F – Level 24, Rank E – Level 32, Rank E – Level 40, Rank D – Level 48, Rank D – Level 56, Rank C

Unique Items Level and Rank Tiers:

Level 1, Rank F – Level 18, Rank E – Level 26, Rank D – Level 34, Rank D – Level 42, Rank C – Level 50, Rank C – Level 55, Rank B

F rank items require F rank Rubicine/Pellurite to reinforce, C rank items require C rank, and so on…

Along with that items can be leveled down at the Blacksmith in town, it requires the material item Athlon, and some money, and there is a chance it will fail and raise the level requirement instead, but if it succeeds you can level down the item from 48 to say 44, if you are lucky. If it succeeds the item will be listed as 44(48), meaning a level 44 can equip it, though the items real level requirement was originally 48. See below example of a leveled down item:

Level 48 Sword Leveled-down to 44

Item Allowances, Reinforcement, Enchant, Level-down, Transfer

As stated above the white/orange icons at the bottom of each equipment type item determine what can be done to the item, white means it can be done, and orange means it cannot, the sword is reinforcement, the magic circle/pentagon is enchantment, the down arrows are level-down, and the circle arrows are transfer.

If the sword is white you can reinforce equpment.

If the magic circle/pentagon is white you can add enchantments/stats to the item usually up to 3 per item not including unique stats.

If the down arrows are white you can level the item down from the original level requirement, like shown above.

If the circle arrows are white you can transfer the stats of an item to another item, to change the outer appearance only of the item.

Most quest equips cannot be used for any of the above so all 4 icons are orange like below.

Reinforcement, Enchant, Level-down, Transfer Stats all are white and therefore can be done to this item:

Reinforcement, Enchant, Level-down, Transfer Stats all are orange so you cannot do any of them: