Guilds are Aitan organizations which possess special powers in the land of Lakia. Guildmates may initially band together for purposes of raiding or dungeon exploration, or they may rally around a common cause or set of values. Perhaps they see the profit in pooling their resources to more efficiently acquire the necessary goods for crafting and completing quests. Whatever the reason might be for a guild’s creation, those who take part in the system would do well to recall that guilds are privy to a powerful process in Lakia’s political system whereby a single guild or an alliance of up to four guilds may rise to ultimate supremacy in governing one of the five nations.

Joining a guild is an excellent way to get a leg up in exploring all that Lakia has to offer, and starting a guild (or being appointed guild master of an existing guild) is the first step towards leading an entire nation to glory. Aitan who seek like-minded brethren or who dream of controlling vast armies and financial reserves would be advised to consult the Guild Recruitment forum.

The path to true greatness—and perhaps true infamy—awaits.

Guild Creation

The Guild Administrator, John Hubert

Guilds can be created by a party of six Aitan who are all citizens of the same nation and not already members of any guild. To begin this process, approach the Guild Administrator in Regenshein. The Aitan who speaks to the Guild Administrator and forms the guild becomes the guildmaster, the leader of the guild.

Guild Levels

Each guild begins at level one and can have a total of thirty members, but in order to increase the capacity it must attain a higher level. Leveling a guild is a team effort and requires a certain amount of ‘guild points’, which can be earned by completing guild quests. Members may purchase these quests from the Guild Administrator.

Guilds also have a weekly maintenance fee that is withdrawn from the guild warehouse, failure to pay this fee automatically disbands the guild. Disbanded guilds and guild warehouse items lost to a disband can not be recovered by support.

Level Member Count Guild Tax Points
1 6-32 3,000 gold 0
2 33-48 13,000 gold 22,000
3 49-72 25,000 gold 64,750
4 73-96 55,000 gold 155,600
5 97-128 100,000 gold 496,000
6 128 155,000 gold 1,066,400
7 128 220,000 gold 1,812,880
8 128 295,000 gold 2,991,252
9 128 380,000 gold 4,786,003
10 128 500,000 gold 7,418,305

Guild Advancement Notes

Guild Skills

The Guild Skill Master, Jeffrey Wilson

More details about guild skills are coming soon! The following information may be incomplete or inaccurate, we will have all of this information updated by the time the improvements to the guild system make it into the game.

First Tier Guild Skills become available when your guild reaches level 6. The following costs and effects are for level 1 guild skills. Your guild will also need to collect certain Guild Skill specific items, like crystals and cores in order to learn these skills.

Skill Name Gold Cost Effect (at mastery level 1)
Time of Experience 140,800 Gold +5% XP and a chance to gain +20%XP additional from MOBs for 120 minutes
Time of War 140,800 Gold +1 Honor for honorable kills +XP (Honor x Character Level) for honorable kills for 120 minutes
Blessing of Solidarity None – Passive Skill +7% (max) HP/MP regeneration for 170 seconds when activated
Solidarity of Blood None – Passive Skill +180 max HP +(7x # guild members) max HP (+530 max HP maximum)
Solidarity of Soul None – Passive Skill +180 max MP +(7x # guild members) max MP (+530 max MP maximum)
Honorable Reward None – Passive Skill +(# guild members) nation exploit points every 10 minutes, -8% guild skill point


The guildmaster has authority over all guild processes, including accepting and removing members, assigning certain powers to members, maintaining the guild warehouse, editing guild information, and disbanding the guild.


The guildmaster may control the hierarchy of the guild by assigning members to one of up to four different ranks, each of which can have a different combination of administrative abilities. However, as the guildmaster has the final say, it is essential that this individual be capable and respected (through fear, if not trust) if the guild is to prosper.


The position of guildmaster is also crucial because they have the power to create alliances with up to three other guilds, and it is the guildmaster who has the authority to enter his guild or guild alliance into the weekly Castle Siege. If the guild or guild alliance then manages to succeed in usurping the ruling regime, that guildmaster becomes Lord Marshal—military commander of the nation who also wields immense political and economic power.