There are hundreds of Minor NPC’s in Oblivion, they serve a variety of functions and occasionally have quests for you. Some of the ones you’ll run into a lot in the early stages of your quest include:


First Contact, Regenshein

Clair Wright welcomes you to Lakia.

Catharina Piero has a tale to tell.

Lilola Hawn gives a Blessing in PVP whenever you want.


Mrs. Meninas often asks for a little something extra you can do while following Captain Cromwell’s orders.

Farmer Pavolo will put you to work and help you earn some gold.


Guard Diego will give you your first tasks to complete ‘in the field’.

Guard Quijote oversees the teleporter. You’ll want to talk to him before going to Zantorian Park.

Item Improvement

Alchemist Isaac can reinforce weapons and armor. He also sells recipes.

Blacksmith Dean can make a lot of modifications to your equipment and will let you use his Anvil to craft items.

Enchanter Camellia can apply enchantments to weapons and armor.


Bruno Humair, the Metal Armor merchant.

Charles Friedrich, the Weapon merchant.

Helen Stadler, a general merchant.

Merchant Hernan is a great resource for finding Caelium early on.

Ramzi, the Leather Armor merchant.

Salesboy Chad, the Cloth Armor merchant.

Pran Shop

Beatician Britney would love to give your Pran a new hairstyle.

Djemba wants to keep your Pran happy and healthy and will sell you the food to do so.

Stylist Sasha carries fashionable clothes and accessories to dress up your Pran.

Skill Trainers

Hattori Hanzo trains fighters skills (Paladins and Warriors).

Sarah Raynor trains scouts skills (Dual Gunners and Riflemen)

Sienna Radivel trains spellcasters skills(Clerics and Warlocks).


Theletar Darezhan can teleport you to an ally country

Theletar Antar, overseer of Nation Relics (Lord Marshal, Archon only).

Theletar Timur can upgrade Nation Relics (Lord Marshal, Archon only).

Theletar Bariel knows a lot about Prans.


These Minor NPC’s wont have much to say to you until later,

Edwin Krebs is the Honor Medal Administrator, he will ask you to gain honor for rewards.

Friedrich Kroeger Administrates the Battlefield.

John Hubert is the man to see about creating and maintaining a Guild.

Laura, Nancy Ferrara, Cozy, Vedran Markota, and Stin Akerman are the Honor Merchants. You can buy some amazing items from them once you have some Honor Points, but they won’t open their shops to you unless you are a citizen.

Robert Delfino runs the Castle Siege event.