Nations are a way of distinguishing the territories of Lakia.
You are first eligible to become a citizen of a nation at level 10.
See Magnus Trovato in Regenshein to begin the quest.
Every nation has its own history and ‘personality’, and every nation shares the same territory design.
You can travel between different nations using provided portals that let you travel from your nation map to another nation map. Until you become a citizen, your only concern is not being PK’d by someone, or killed by some errant mob who finds you delicious.
Once you become a citizen of a nation, you acquire that nation’s flag. This flag will show over your head when you travel to other nations.
Depending on the status your nation has with the nation you are visiting, its citizens may kill you without incurring the PK penalties, gaining Honor Points instead of Infamy.

There are five Nations to choose from: