The Pran

The perils of your long journey require the assistance of a devoted partner.
This companion should act not only as a reliable sidekick in battle, but also as a close friend.
The Pran fits both descriptions with ease as she casts helpful spells on you and grows to trust you over many interactions.
She is your fairy familiar!

A religious official oversees the testament signed to forge a lasting bond between one Aitan (the name of the special warrior class every player character belongs to) and one Pran.
You’ll begin your partnership with a Pran when she is only a young fairy and you are still rather new to Oblivion’s world.

Your Pran will have a certain elemental type which will affect the sorts of spells she’ll be able to cast upon you in battle.
Will you choose a water, air or fire Pran?
The specific personality she develops is largely dependent on the way you interact with her as you fulfill quests and undertake adventures together.
What kind of Pran will she become?
Pran have six independent personality types, each with their own dialogue and actions making raising each Pran a unique experience!

All Pran in Lakia are given lessons on basic social behavior and proper etiquette before they are permitted to work with Aitan.
After this training, they await their summoning by a qualified potential partner.
Always remember: you are the Pran’s master!
Treat her properly and she will return your good will with camaraderie and magical blessings.
The bond between the Aitan and the Pran is singular and revered within the world of Lakia.

Aquiring Your Pran

When your character reaches level 7 a quest becomes available to you at the Flour Mill.
Captain Cromwell has recognized your progress and directs you to the Pran Station in the Commercial District of Regenshin.
There, you’re given another quest to prove your worth, where you need to kill Breeding Boars, Moguns and Kubaris.

After collecting the items from these mobs, the Pran Station NPC will give you the option of what affinity Pran you’d like to choose.
Pick carefully, as this will be your first companion in the game [types are outlined in the Skills section].

To complete this quest, you need to obtain essences from mobs.
-5x of the essence for the affinity you want
-2x of each of the other essences

Once you turn this quest in, you get to name and meet your Pran companion!

Types of Pran

Fire Pran are generally used to boost attack based stats, and have skills that increase Damage, Maximum Health and Critical chance.

Water Pran are generally used to boost defense based stats, and have skills that increase Defense, Maximum MP and Resistance.

Air Pran are generally used to boost Evasive based stats, and have skills that increase Evasion, Maximum Health/Mana, Recovery Rate, and reduce Mana Cost.


Pran are unique creatures raised by their masters, and as such an account is limited to only two pran for its three characters.
Each Pran also unique, with its own name just like the players that own it – meaning no two Pran are exactly alike! As long as you got your second Pran (which of your characters got it, is not relevant), automatically any Pran acquisition quest you have on any of your characters will be removed, and you cannot get any other Pran. But you can use the Pran Station to share them between all of your characters. It means if you create a new level 1 character, he/she can immediately go to Pran station and pick one of your stored Pran.


Your Pran comes to you as a newly born fairy and grows along with you.
Killing monsters and completing quests – as long as your Pran is out cheering you on – will allow your Pran to gain experience of her own and level up alongside you.
Pran don’t stay in their infant fairy forms forever though, when your Pran hits certain level benchmarks, it grows into a curious child, a maturing teenager and finally an adult companion fit to travel with in your adventures in the world of Loblivion.


Part of what makes Pran a unique feature of the game and unique to its users is that they grow to have different personalities depending on how its treated while raised.
From fairy and child stages, Pran have a default “cute” personality and when they hit “teenaged” stage, pick one of six unique personalities.


The popularity of Pran in the lands of Loblivion has led to merchants specifically geared towards customizing your Pran’s appearance appearing inside of cities.
Clothes and accessory slots exist on every Pran and just add to the ability to making each Pran unique.
Options on Pran equipment include Hats, Glasses, Clothes, Wings and Dolls.
For a price, you can customize your Pran to fit your personality!

Feeding Your Pran

While magical creatures, Pran can’t survive off of HP potions like you do.
You need to feed them and keep their hunger bar filled, else they may get a mean personality and may go back to the pran waiting room – which means her losing devotion percentage.
Don’t worry, they’ll show you their hunger.
A hungry Pran stops regenerating MP and becomes unable to use skills, so keep it fed.
Pran food can be purchased in town or obtained from quests, with a variety available for their needs.