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Reinforcing equipment is the act of upgrading it’s stats. To reinforce items, you must visit the Alchemist with the weapon or armor in question and either a Pellurite or Rubicine (respectively) sharing the rank of the equipment. (eg. Rank F weapon requires Pellurite – rank F, Rank C Armor requires Rubicine – Rank C, etc.) Rank F Pellurite and Rubicine can be bought at the general store. They can also be found at any rank on all monsters or as quest rewards.

Successfully reinforcing an item will add a +1 to the name and increase the stats appropriately. You can reinforce up to +11.
Items with white names are safe to reinforce without extracts up to +3. All other reinforcement attempts carry with them the risk of failure. The developers have hinted that reinforcement success rates will become available to players when Epic II: Exodus is released (currently scheduled for August 11th 2011).

Visit Alchemist Isaac in Regenshein early on to reinforce some of your equipment.
Place your equipment, either Rubicine or Pellurite, and (when you’re working on extremely valuable equipment) an extract in the Original Item spaces. Once you confirm the reinforcing process will begin. It will take a moment to complete. Once the process is complete you can attempt further reinforcement or close the window, your remaining items will return to your inventory (Rubicine, Pellurite and Extracts are consumed when used).

Left to right: +6 through +10

Weapon Glow

From +4 on, your weapons gain a pretty glow effect. It’s purely cosmetic but it also allows others to see how strong your weapon actually is, which can help or hurt. Transferring will cause the new weapon to lose the glow but keep the stats.


+4 – Faint blue glow
+5 – Blue glow
+6 – Strong blue glow
+7 – Yellow glow
+8 – Golden glow
+9 – Red glow
+10 – Pink(?) glow
+11 – Purple-blue glow