Personal Inventory Bags

Aitan start their journey with one, 15 slot bag to carry the items they find along the way. Occasionally, temporary storage bags will be provided to allow for easier inventory management but beware, these items are timed, they will expire, and when they do the only way to recover the items that were in them will be to purchase an additional bag at the Premium Shop. If you purchase more than one bag and claim them with the same character, quest reward bags will only be rewarded up to the current maximum of four bags. Quest rewards will only grant a maximum of three bags total, so it is safe to purchase one if you feel the need to have more storage available.

One of the early quests you find as you are starting out will provide you with a second permanent 15 slot bag. This quest becomes available from Guard Pizaro at the Regenshein Gate after you have completed Guard Diego’s first request, Makin’ Bacon. You can see more details by following this link:

(Check ‘Prerequisites’ and ‘Follow-up’ links for more.)

The earliest opportunity to obtain the third permanent 15 slot bag occurs at level 16, starting with Major Krauss, whose mission you must complete to begin Kiki’s quests. By making the choice to Speak to Sister Leah after Boring Errand 2 you will be able to obtain the bag after a little more running around. If you choose to return to Kiki, you will have to level up many more times before you can complete the quest chain and obtain the third bag. You can see more details about this chain by following this link which takes you to the quest where you make this decision.

(Check ‘Prerequisites’ and ‘Follow-up’ links for more.)

The Northern Swamp area of Verband has many dangers for new Aitan, but the possibility of disconnecting in this zone is perhaps more frustrating than any MOB you will encounter. If you become suddenly disconnected while in this zone and you run into problems logging back in to the character that was kicked, please e-mail with the character name and a brief message stating you were disconnected in the Verband Swamp. This error only effects a few players but it seems to be a major problem for the players who experience it, as it will happen time and time again.

Sutherland’s Banks

The Sutherland family holds the most secure deposit safes in Lakia, representatives of the Bank can be found in Regenshein, Cirrugor, and occasional other places throughout Lakia.

Each Aitan is granted one, 20 slot Bank Safe to use free of charge by order of Congress.

Additional Bank Safes can only be obtained via the Premium Shop at this time, all storage items currently in the shop are permanent.

Pran Inventory Bags

Pran automatically have one, 20 slot bag as soon as they are created, this bag will never expire and can be used to store anything that is tradable. An additional 20 slot bag can be purchased for each Pran at the Premium Item shop, additional Pran storage bags are currently only available as permanent items and there are no quests in game that reward additional Pran bags.

Tip: Veteran Aitan know the value of Pran storage, many players will take both of their Pran with them everywhere they go in Lakia so that they have access to at least 40 more storage slots, they are an excellent place to store your collection of crafting materials!