User Interface


User Interface


  1. Player Frame
    • Class Icon
    • Name
    • Character Level
    • Health Points – Red Bar
    • Mana Points – Blue Bar
  2. Party Window
  3. Chat
    • Clicking on a Channel will hide chat from that Channel
  4. Menu
    • Settings
    • Community
    • Map
    • Quest
    • Info
    • Pran
    • Character
    • Shop
    • PvP Settings
  5. Action Bar
  6. Combat Log
  7. Quest Tracker
  8. Buff Bar
  9. Mini Map
  10. Nation Buffs



Run Forward: W / Up-arrow
Run Backward: S / Down-arrow
Run Left: Q
Run Right: E
Turn Left: A / Left arrow
Turn Right: D / Right arrow
Toggle Autorun: R
Walk: Shift


Inventory: I
Character Info: C
Skill List: K
Quest Log: L
Party Tab: Y
Guild Tab: G
Nation Info: N
Area Map: M
World Map: U
Personal Store: H
Emoticons: ,
Pran Info: P
Pran Skill List: [

Chat Channel Commands

You can click the name of the channel to the left of the dialog entry field for a pull down menu of these commands.

Use the Enter key to start and to send chat messages

  • Normal: Not Keyed, text appears in local chat
  • Whisper: /playername text
  • Party: ! text
  • Guild: @ text
  • Shout: # text
  • Alliance: must be Alliance Leader to use this option
  • Nation: must be Lord Marshal or assigned by LM to use this option.

Here is a user submitted video tutorial on how to pass ‘Red Chat’ (Nation Chat):

  • Block Chat

You can right click a player’s name in the chat window to pull up options for Socila Invites, Whisper Chat and Block Chat, if a player is sending you unwanted messages or saying things you find offensive, it is strongly recommended you ‘Block’ the player.

  • Block Channel

If you click on a channel in the bar above the text entry field it will toggle between gray and white, a channel that is gray will be blocked and you will not see any new messages from that channel in your chat dialog.


Use Skills: 1~8
Pran Skills: 9~”-”
Select Enemy: TAB
Toggle AutoAtk: Z


Toggle User Interface: F11 (there are 3 stages of UI Display toggle)


  • Salute – The sign of respect
  • Sit – For when you need a break
  • Taunt – Establish your dominance
  • Greet – A very formal hello
  • Applaud – For when you’re impressed
  • Cheer – Celebrate a victory
  • Cry – Self-explanatory
  • Laugh – For whatever reason
  • Dance – Show your moves
  • Surrender – Raise the white flag
  • Chat – Share your thoughts